Actually, we have been creating and producing films about cars for over a decade. We created our own coloring book since our search for an authentic coloring book for our kids has led us to nowhere.

Before we talk about the coloring book and its car coloring pages, let’s start from the beginning: In 2010, we produced a documentary titled “We write the streets” about the Asian tuning scene in Germany:

A bit of hype and so much positive feedback: Probably, the dawn of our current film production company. From more documentaries in the US to commercials for well known automobile manufacturers, FORMAT67 stands for authentic & emotional car-films since day one. 

From being car enthusiasts to car-film production, that’s our journey!

Meanwhile, we write the year 2022.

Twelve years later and we are still evolving: Whether it’s our own camera- or film car, our own film studio located in Rheinhessen or our post-production studio in Frankfurt am Main, we continuously expand our automotive cosmos. So what is FORMAT67?

And now? Our coloring book “we color the streets
Perhaps, it was just a desire for more creative output. or maybe just an unsuccessful search for a coloring book for our kids.
As the idea of our own coloring book occured, it was obvious for us: We want to show kids those special cars of our time. Just chat about the crate of that era during a nice coloring evening.

Our kids express their character while painting. Just like we do when we customize our cars. Aren’t we the ones who add color to the gray streets of everyday life with our exotic cars? If you share our philosophy, use the hashtag #wecolorthestreets. Have fun, learn from our kids and inspire each other creatively. Let’s color the streets!


What makes this book special?

Bring the world of stylish and high-performance vehicles to life

With this unique coloring book. With 40 intricately designed pages, you can unleash your imagination and creativity. Not only will you have hours of coloring fun, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about cars through 40 pages of basic car information. This makes it the ideal activity for kids and parents to enjoy together, fostering both creativity and learning through play. Don’t wait, order your copy today and start having fun!

So why wait? Get your copy today and let the fun begin!